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Influencer Marketing Basics

Influencer Marketing Basics

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The ultimate beginners educational and informational guide to influencer marketing, this easily digestible presentation gives you the basics about how to plan, execute, and measure your first influencer campaign. From figuring out what type of influencer is right for you, structuring your campaign, to how to measure the success or failure of your campaign, this guide has exactly what you need to get started all in one convenient presentation.


In this presentation you will learn:

• What is Influencer Marketing

• Why Influencer Marketing?

• Types of Influencers

• Keys to Choosing Influencers

• Campaigns

• Data and Analytics

• Agreements

• Influencer Pricing Examples and more.


There is also a list of useful technology resources that are essential for collecting data and gathering campaign analytics. This is an excellent presentation to get you started if you, your brand, business, or agency needs a beginners course in influencer social media marketing.

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