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13 Questions to Ask As An Influencer

A few weeks ago an influencer friend of mind reached out to get my input on an inbound lead she got from a company. She wanted my opinion (she's just starting out and already fielding brand collabs, yay!) since I had helped her on her media kit. I have a unique perspective on opportunities like the one she got, considering my experience on the brand and influencer side, and it made me think- what are the critical questions you should ask YOURSELF about whether or not a partnership, collab, or #ad is right for you?

While the free swag, re-posts, and dollar signs might have you worried that another collab like that one may never come your way again, I'm here to tell you it's essential that you get quiet and connect with your intuition if you want to proceed with any sort of integrity and authenticity. Sometimes the opportunity is a no-brainer, but other times you don't want to be pushing diet tea and wave goodbye to a huge chunk of your followers.

SO: here are some good questions to ask yourself when you get inbound leads like my friend got:

  1. What is my initial reaction? How do I feel first about the opportunity? (this can tell you a lot- your gut feeling)

  2. Would I use this product if I learned about it another way?

  3. Do your research- check their Insta/FB, check their website, what are they communicating and what does the branding look like to you?

  4. Who else can you find that is already an ambassador or bor collaborating with the brand?

  5. What is the offer? (for example, this company was sending her one specialty face-sized towel for free and then wanted her to promote/post minimum twice a month plus her earning commissions on referred purchases)

  6. What if I want to purchase other items that I like (bigger towel, items for gifts for friends)? Do I get my own discount? They noted that you get a discount on your own future purchases, so it might help to find out what that is.

  7. What's your commission rate?

  8. How do I ensure that those I refer us my code? Is there a referral link to their website?

  9. Is the commission rate applicable to repeat purchases or just first-time customers?

  10. Does it fit my demographic aka would it make sense to mention it to the community that follows me?

  11. Is there an agreement to sign? 

  12. What happens if I get the item and don't like it?

  13. What happens if I decide to be an ambassador and then want to stop? Do I owe them anything- notice, money, etc.

Thes questions are a really great place to start. While the list isn't completely exhaustive of things you can ask yourself to help hone in on your next indicated step, these questions will provide some clarity about what is in the best interest of your and your community as someone they look to as a niche expert or authority.

Remember, YOU are the gatekeeper to what you share with your community and who you partner with. If you are already getting opportunities, there will be more so you have every right to be picky!

Have you ever had a weird inbound lead that just confused the crap out of you? Have you put together a template for deciding on what types of partnerships you will or will not enter into? I absolutely want to know, so tell me in the comments.

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