GF Lavender Lemon Donuts with Lavender Lemon Sugar Glaze

Donuts used to be reserved for special occasions in our house- not any more. My donut pan has been working overtime making an array of donut flavors and this batch is my favorite! It's light and bright, with flowery hints of lavender and zesty lemon, perfect for a morning treat or with afternoon tea. I mean, they really are perfect for any time- let's be real. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did eating these donuts. They are becoming a go-to treat that impresses and

GF/Vegan Sugar Cookies with Vegan Matcha Royal Icing

I LOVE FALL! One of the reasons is because of my birthday on September 29th, but also because I adore all the holiday festivities that come with the chilling of temperatures and the shortening of the days. My sister and her wife are vegan and I try to be gluten free most of the time, so I wanted to create a recipe that we could pull out when we all gather for holidays. One of our traditions is that we bake and decorate cookies for Santa and these are perfect for any occasion


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